Customary to every Minecraft world, there are three strongholds, each roughly equidistant and around 120 degrees apart from the world origin. The stronghold to the south was discovered fairly quickly, while the other two was located later.

First Stronghold

This is the stronghold first found by players. It's situated almost directly south from Unterganger City, and is generated under a desert. The Rail Transit Network's South Line has a station on the surface, with a shaft that leads to the End portal room. The stronghold is intertwined with caves and abandoned mineshafts, severely disfiguring its structure.

Second Stronghold

The second stronghold is located in the northeast near Horseville. Molster originally planned on refurbishing the place but the plan was abandoned after MTM who was sent to scout the stronghold found it intersecting a cave system, making the second stronghold disfigured as well. However, tudor decided to take over the refurbishing plan.

Third Stronghold

The stronghold (named Stronghold 3) is generated in the new 1.7 terrain generation and is located in the west-northwest. Perhaps owing to reduced underground swiss-cheese formation in the new terrain generation, Stronghold 3 is largely intact with only minor damage by intersecting caves and mineshafts. Molster chose this stronghold to refurbish.