The ShomPod Pig Race Circuit or Super Shom Pod was a planned race course for pigs initiated by Molster. The course was to run across six biomes. The majority of the sections had been completed before Molster lose interest and abandoned the project. Later on, the area around the course have been developed, namely the Unterganger City Airport and the Pădurea Craivii. Some sections were removed to make way for Eragoth and forced the course to go under a river, removing the power-up sections originally on the island Eragoth now sits on.

The whole track was removed on November 2014. Factors that led to this decision include:

  • Developments surrounding the existing course
  • Little progress compared to the setbacks encountered by either Molster and Fegelein1906
  • Near-impossibility of having any kind of a fair racing game in Minecraft in general (e.g. extremely buggy boats and variable-speed horses)


The course started near the Sandcastle and the Vzorkic Pyramid (on the site of Sandybridge Lake) and went through a relatively clear desert with cacti obstacle (now north of Temple of Ramen II and partway along the runway of the airport). It then turned and entered a forest biome with the trees being the main obstacle for the stretch (now Pădurea Craivii). Exiting the forest, it crossed a river into a swamp biome (now Eragoth), where a few power-ups were strewn around (similar to Super Mario Kart). It then reached a jungle biome and went through it near the Fegelein the Lost Temple.

The existing course construction stopped some way after leaving the jungle biome, but it was planned for the circuit to go through another forest biome (south of PC), a plains biome (now part of Eydis), and a taiga biome before reaching a planned finish line located between today's Deepwood Motte and Molster Estate.


Future plans

kimilil plans to resurrect the Super Shom Pod idea, this time around RBC56's Pyramid.