The Tagor West railway station is an interchange station located in northwest corner of Tagor, and is a very important interchange for Rail Transit Network and Redstone Railway Company.


The station was built for the first time in the area of golf course on June 27th, 2018 by ParrotAntics, during the construction of Eston Rocket railway, also incorporating the existing Eston-Tagor shuttle railway and tram system, which were made by KrebsLovesFiesh. The station itself consisted of 3 track slots separated by platforms, and an overhead passage for moving between them.. Central slot was reserved for Eston Rocket railway, eastern slot served as a loop terminal for tram system, and western was left vacant. On July 2nd, the station received a connection via underwater tunnel to Waitton, and on July 6th was connected with central station in Tagor Old Town via Cougar Line. The tram loop was functioning until mid-July, when the entire tram system was dismantled, and the former loop slot became vacant.

The station operated flawlessly until September 2018, when kimilil started assuming control of the Rail Transit Network and began the plans of upgrading the existing rails. During the discussions in planning chatroom, on September 20th, ParrotAntics proposed an upgrade of Tagor West station to accomodate RT East line. The proposal was supported by kimilil, who also added a proposal to terminate there Templer line as well.

More detailed plans were presented on October 9th, alongside with plans of expanding the station, although considering leaving the original station's location. One day later kimilil proposed 2 plans of making the station, considering both relocating the station's area east of golf area, or relocating golf area to the lands south of Tagor Old Town. Ultimately, ParrotAntics accepted kimilil's first proposal, and the construction of new station began on October 11th, 2018, with flattening the area and setting 3 island platforms. Day later, the underground passage was estabilished and the first drafts of station's building were made. The station's building and platforms, alongside with the passage, elevators and roof were finished on October 13th, 2018 by Ugultu and ParrotAntics. At this day, Cougar Line, RT East and Eston Rocket lines were connected to the station, yet the Eston Rocket was not fully connected until October 14th, 2018, when the missing tunnel from Eston International station was made. The old infrastructure was mostly torn down, leaving only one tiny frame of former central slot as a memorial.

The final line connected to the station is RT Templer line. Construction of the tunnel leading from the station to Harvest village started on October 14th, 2018, being done by kimilil and ParrotAntics, and was finished on February 5th, 2019.


The station consists of two main parts: a building and platform set.

The main building is mostly build with concrete, terracotta and stonebrick. The two-storey building contains the cash offices for RRC, SRA and RTN, and a small snack bar in the southern wing. Central part is adapted to serve as waitroom and restroom area on the first floor, and have a control room on the second floor. The northern wing is occupied by press shop.

The platforms are located behind the station building and are separated from the surroundings with iron fence. All three platforms are covered with one canopy which covers the platforms and staircases, only elevator booths are not covered. The access to the platforms is provided by both staircases and elevators. Platforms for Eston Rocket and Cougar lines have installed traction wires above the tracks.

Platform layout

Platform Operator Lines maintained Notes
1 Rail Transit Network RT East (northward)

RT Templer (southward)

Double-gate system.
2 Redstone Railway Company Cougar Line Terminal station, automatic deboarding system installed.
3 Redstone Railway Company Eston Rocket

Adjacent stations

Adjacent stations of the lines are as follows:

Previous Service Next
Rail Transit Network
Nogaybak East Line through to Templer Line
Harvest Templer Line through to East Line
Redstone Railway Company
terminus Cougar Line Tagor
Eston International Eston Rocket Waitton


Old station before teardown

Plans and construction of new station

Current state


  • The building of the station is heavily based on the building of Łódź Widzew railway station.