General Information
Name Tarrantia
Type Town
Founded April 12th, 2018
Architecture Modern, neorenaissance
Region Region 6-5
Transit Lucek Memorial Line, Forklich Main Line, Rail of Final Answer
Mayor Duraab
Deputies ParrotAntics
Founder Duraab and ParrotAntics

Tarrantia is a developing town, founded by ParrotAntics and Duraab, located between Tagor, Sanostonburg and Dorklich, based upon the NPC village discovered by ParrotAntics on April 12th, 2018.



  • Bureau / Central District
    • LML L13 / FML F4 / RFA 2 interchange railway station,
    • Duraab's house,
    • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? show stage.
    • Lodzermenscher Palace (Town Hall)
    • ParrotAntics' house
    • Hospital
    • District Court
    • Municipal Library
    • Main Square
    • Firehouse
    • Police station
    • Hotel
    • Korean Twin Towers
  • Housing District
    • Redstone Park
    • TV station skyscraper
  • Interchange for Eastern Block Highway

Under Construction

  • Bureau / Central District
    • Shopping centre
  • Housing District
    • houses and towers
    • public park
    • municipal beach
  • Road grid
  • Rail of Final Answer extension (towards Ottoburg)
  • Subway line


  • Town Beach
  • Industrial District



  • Town was named after Chris Tarrant, the very first host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? game show, leading the show in years 1998-2014.
  • The building of town hall, called Lodzermenscher Palace, is a copy of the neorenaissance palace in Łódź, Poland, built in 1882 by Juliusz Heinzel, currently used as the headquarters of Łódź Municipal Council and the Mayor. The second name of the building is derived from German-sounding term lodzermensch (lit. a man from Łódź), used to describe the most prominent citizens of the city, mostly Jewish factory owners.
  • Building of District Court is based on real life building of Regional Court in Łódź.
  • The site fell under The Second Rouge Chunk Event, where the half of Town Hall's building spawned on random spots, obstructing railway viaducts and the court's building.
  • The first noteblock mechanism build in Redstone Park plays "Spinning Girl", a 1864 song composed by Stanisław Moniuszko, mostly recognizable as anthem of Łódź (officialy declared in 1998 by Municipal Council of the city) and call signal of local division of Polish public TV broadcaster, TVP, since the division's creation in 1956. Second one plays "Polonez in A-Major",composed by Frederick Chopin in 1838 ,and used as call signal of Polish Radio Warsaw in years 1925-1935, and, since 1945 up to this day with major changes, as call signal of Polish Radio Program 1.
  • TV station building resembles the real life 1955-built Textile Central Tower in Łódź, mostly known as "TV Tower", because of being used as support for antennas used by Regional Division of Polish public TV broadcaster, Telewizja Polska S.A. The station itself occupies the side building to the tower.