Teleporter Hub
The teleporter station is a structure built by MTM that allows players to move on a fast and easy way through the server world by teleporters located at various places on the city and it's surroundings.

Every teleporter hub moves you to the teleporter station, where you can teleport again to your final destination.

The station is located floating at high altitude over some hills out of the city, it can be seen from the top of the tower of Mabula and it's shadow can be seen projected on the ground.

Despite it's usefulness to travel long distances, the system is undeveloped and only a few teleporters have been installed, thus being barely practical, specially when compared with the Rail Transit Network. In August 22, after Tudor became an operator, the former operator, MTM, named him the official mantainer of the station, at Untergangers Chat.

Teleporter station declaration

After MTM's comeback nearly a year later, after being disabled from playing for a long time, he recovered control of the station, and is working on a plan to expand and modify it to be more practical.

On August 30, a redstone mechanism in the spawn has been installed, that allows any player to teleport to the station directly from anywhere in the server world, simply by typing the command /trigger teleport set 1 in the chat.


Located at various places are the teleporter hubs, each of them uses a pressure plate and a command block to teleport you to the teleporter station platform. This platform holds various other teleporters labeled as the locations they bring you to.

Every teleporter on the ground is paired with one at the station, for example, if you enter the hub labelled 'Victor Street' on the platform, you will appear right outside the teleporter hub located on Victor Street. Alternatively, you can use the command /trigger teleport set 1 to teleport into the station from anywhere in the world.

The Teleporter hubs

The fist of said devices was located at the Victor street, and the old ones used to look all the same, made from glass with stone slabs on top and an iron block with a beacon (a few users have found them to resemble the Tardis) but since the installation of the hub on the UMS Headquarters, the materials are usually customized, yet the shape of the structure is always the same with the exceptions of the teleporter at Little Saigon, which is shaped as a public toilet, and the teleporter at the TARDIS control room in Athyras (for an obvious reason).

The current locations of these are as follows, with no order in particular.