HoF Temple exterior

The exterior of the HoF Temple

The Temple of the Hall of Fame (formerly Silver Temple) is a temple building in Unterganger City honouring the YouTuber-Untergangers inducted in the Unterganger Hall of Fame (HoF) which is currently organized by YouTuber-Unterganger Hitler Rants Parodies. The building was built by Hans_Krebs.


The building was one of the earliest structures built on the server.

Before its conversion, the temple was dedicated to YouTuber-Unterganger TheSilverUniverse (TSU), whom former server owner Fegelein1906 (aka DictatorAntics) admired. Despite that, the interior was empty throughout the whole period of the temple being dedicated to TSU.

Some time later, Molster (mfaizsyahmi) persuaded Fegelein1906 to add custom map items with avatars of the 14 HoF inductees at the time. Molster constructed a hall-like structure on Turkish Street and have the avatars of the HoF inductees displayed there. Seeing great potential in the custom map items, Hans_Krebs decided to convert the empty temple building and have the map items relocated there.

During his first time playing on the server before the ban and his second chance, Tudor put signs under the map items displaying the name of the HoF inductee, and a patronage, corresponding to what the Unterganger is known for doing (e.g. HRP is the Patron of the Pencil of Doom, TSU is the patron of FX masterpieces, and so on.).

It should be noted that several of the players are also HoF inductees: Fegelein1906-DictatorAntics, SilverUniverse-TheSilverUniverse, Molster-mfaizsyahmi, and recently procrastinator-Trapped Antics and Delphox-AlphaSkyRaider.

The temple ran out of space in 2014, and a new one was deemed necessary. After almost a year, period in which the Temple was subjected to a cloning prank and its inhabitants' profile pictures removed, Tudor built the Basilica of the Hall of Fame in a nearby spot near the Flag Plaza.