"Fegeline" Boatlev is an express line built in early days of May 2018. It connects Eston Post with Sanostonburg. It was built for quick tranporting.

The name of the line is combination of "Boat" and "Levitation", although boat doesn't levitate. It's also based on MAGLEV term, as it was the inspiration to make the line.


This line is extremely straight with no changes in altitude and low amount of turns. Most of the route consists of viaducts and tunnels. Viaduct supports are painted in blue. The line is 2 blocks wide, and 2 side slabs to prevent flying off the track. Only tunnel sections are illuminated, with sea lanterns.

Both terminuses are having the same design, shaped like a rectangular prism with mainly quartz structure with a glass ceiling. Sanostonburg Terminus is elevated while Eston Post Terminus isn't elevated. Gates aren't blocked.


  • Status: Operative
  • From: Sanostonburg
  • To: Eston Post
  • Lenght: Approximately 9288 blocks
  • Retaining Wall Tunnels: 3
  • Tunnels: 14
  • Turns: 5
  • Approximate Time of Travel: 4 minutes
  • Operation Speed: 122km/h
  • Construction Start: May 6th, 2018
  • Construction Finish: May 9th, 2018
  • Contributors: Ugultu, ParrotAntics and KrebsLovesFiesh
  • Designer: Ugultu
  • Operator: Sanostonburg Railway Authority

Pros and Cons

  • + Fast way of travelling long distances. Even faster than rocket propelled elytra.
  • + Very quiet, only boat noises.
  • - Cannot change elevation.
  • - Cannot have many curves.
  • - Only suitable for express lines.
  • - Have to re-adjust angle of the boat in every turn.


  • Longest tunnel of the line is 655 blocks long.
  • Iron bars near tracks are placed to prevent animals from getting in the line.
  • There is one extra turn on the line because of a miscalculation.