The First Rogue Chunk Event refers to an unexplained occurrence around late February 2014 where a few chunks around the server world reverted to its natural state. There may have been more reverted chunks elsewhere, but because the areas are essentially untouched it was as if nothing happened. This event is tightly related to the Block Vanishing Event and is speculated to have happened simultaneously.

UMS MTM house error

The event as it was first spotted.

The structures consumed by the rogue chunks were:

MTM was the first to notice these chunks. He soon rebuilt the missing corner of his house.

procrastinator initally thought that some files had failed to transfer during a FTP transfer but later changed his mind after he discovered that the disappearing chunks were within one region file. To recover the world to its condition before the event, Molster resent region files of affected areas from his copy of the server world to procrastinator. With the region files, Molster also hoped to undo the desecration of DA's Castle during The Revolution. After the region file replacement, the affected areas returned to normal, including DA's Castle's original look, but every changes since then were undid, including:

UMS rebel chunks in Athyras

The Mansion

These restorations had to be reverted. The Unterganger Minecraft Server HQ was returned to its place, at a cost of Molster having to rebuild his Cenotaph, and DA's Castle returning to its defaced condition. Being considerate, restoration on Athyras's side were kept at the expense of Molster having to rebuild the Hospital Station and Hans_Krebs having to redesign Athyras' flags.