The Monumental Fail Park is a park on the UMS, situated in the Western Region just across the border of Athyras. The park also borders RDPIsOnCrack's highway, The Donald J. Trump Turnpike. The park is meant as an area for players to build monuments to commemorate fails on the server.


The park came in existence after Fegelein1906 slayed an Ender Dragon at the location. This dragon was spawned by MTM and Tudor thinking the dragon could help them for their pyramid project. Instead, it flew off and wasn't seen for weeks. When Fegelein1906 found it near Athyras he killed it before it could do any damage. This generated an ender portal at the location.

Molster and Fegelein1906 developed plans to turn the location into a fail museum. Instead, Fegelein1906 later decided to turn it into a monumental park.

Ender Dragon Portal

The Ender Dragon Portal is the first memorial on the location and commemorates the earlier mentioned dragon failure.

The Great Flattening

The Great Flattening is a memorial to the huge area that was flattened for Athyras, built by Tudor. The flattening has frequently been criticised alongside Athyras, being called overly ambitious, despite the latter reaching its finish line after 3 years.

The memorial was made using a beacon underneath a block of snow floating in the air, the last thing that remained from before the great flattening. Originally, this memorial was in Athyras, where the Athyras Library now stands. Fegelein1906 moved it to the park however, because it was in the way of the library he was planning.

Moving the memorial, however, caused the floating snow to be destroyed, but Fegelein1906 fixed this using an invisible barrier block and a white carpet.

Nighttime Incident

The Nighttime Incident is a memorial built by Nerdington and commemorates his own failure when he griefed the always-daytime circuit, instead of just using the lever right next to him.

The memorial depicts a moon and stars.

The Sandcastle Griefing

The Sandcastle Griefing is a monument built by player Tudor. It represents a miniature of Fegelein1906's castle in Unterganger City. During the early days of the server Tudor had griefed it, sparking the rage of Fegelein1906, and causing him to be temporarily banned.

The Dirthouse

The Dirthouse is, as its name implies, a house made of dirt. The monument is built by RDPIsOnCrack and commemorates the incident when AlphaSkyRaider built an entire town made out of dirt on top of his highway.

The Nether Decapitation House

The Nether Decapitation House is a monument built by Gokyr586. It is a miniature replica of Gokyr's Decapitation House (located near Southville) but built with netherrack instead of iron. Gokyr once tried to decorate the exterior of his Decapitation House with map items of the Nether, however this caused lag to other players on the server. As a result, the House was seized by Molster until all of the map items were cleared.