The Second Rogue Chunk Event (not related to the first rogue chunk event) refers to an unexpected but identified and understood occurrence in 28th-29th June 2018 where a few chunks in the affected area was moved around by an identified and confirmed error in the server's storage. There may have been more affected chunks elsewhere.

Lucek Memorial Line Error

The event as it was first spotted.

The structures consumed by the rogue chunks were:

The event is identified to be a problem with the server's storage capacity becoming inadequate for chunks to properly arrange and generate themselves. If more chunks are rendered it is speculated that the problem will worsen.

Ugultu was the first to notice these chunks, and that led to server closure by RDPIsOnCrack for further investigation. Server was relaunched on June 29th, but issues got spread further. On June 30th, RDPIsOnCrack, discussing the solution with NerdieSanders, decided to set an expansion limit to 12000 blocks in each direction from point zero. Further information will be added as the event progresses as of July 24th, 2018 7:15 AM UTC+7.