Skyraider from ground

The Sky Raider Cable Car is a ride conceived and built by Molster, with Gokyr586's help, on 1 and 2 February 2015. The ride takes players from the base station on the ground level to the top of AlphaSkyRaider's blue wool tower, hence the name. The ride is heavily inspired by the chairlift contraption designed by HiFolksImAdam shown in this video.

Each unit of the ride consists of an invisible, invulnerable and saddled pig leashed onto a pig riding a perpetual motion cart stack. The ultimate plan was to have 8 or more circling around the route, enabling riders to disembark and reembark from the top of the tower. Unfortunately, due to leash glitches that result in leashes breaking on chunk load, the entities are usually killed off by Molster after disembarking. To compensate, buttons are provided for anyone to summon a ride.

More unfortunate since, changes in Minecraft's internal entity IDs and commands have made the whole system inoperable... and none have attempted to fix this.

Operation guide:

  • Before embarking
    1. Press the "Emergency Kill Switch"
    2. Press one of the four summon buttons (on the floor level)
    3. Press the "call chairlift" button (recessed part of the wall)
  • After disembarking
    • Press the "Emergency Kill Switch"