The Twin Zeppelins are two legendary sister airships. The ships serve as counterparts of each other whereas one uses dark colours such as dark grey and red, while the other is white and cyan coloured.

LW Hermann Goring

LW Hermann Goring
The LW Hermann Goring is the first and original airship built by player MTM. It was named after World War 1 pilot, and later Reichminister during World War 2, Hermann Göring. The ship is equipped with a swastika and SS symbol on its tail.

The ship is situated in the central region of the server and is hovering over the Unterganger City Airport. Inside the zeppelin a secret bedroom from Fegelein1906 can be found. This bedroom is amongst the many places where Fegelein1906 has been viciously raped by player Tudor.

HMS Johnson Hunter

HMS Johnson Hunter
The HMS Johnson Hunter is an airship that was constructed years after the construction of its counterpart. The ship was made by Fegelein1906 using a cloning command. Subsequently the building blocks of the airship were changed and the clone ship was beginning to get its own identity.

The ship is situated in the outer east region near the town Skyborg. To suit the architectural style of this town white and blue colours were chosen for this ship. As the buildings in Skyborg are connected by rainbow bridges Fegelein1906 decided to replace the swastika and SS symbols by a rainbow and creeper symbol. On the top of the zeppelin a mast with rainbow flag was constructed.


  • In the secret bedroom in the LW Hermann Goring a sign can also be found saying "Ceiling M watching you masturbate"
  • The legendary sister airships is a reference to two legendary ships in the videogame Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
  • Because of the rainbows on the HMS Long Johnson Fegelein1906 wanted to think of a name that sounded 'gay'. He then thought of the name Johnson Hunter, where Johnson is a reference to male genetalia.