The Third Server Downtime was an event that began on 2 May 2014, attributed to faults with the server's host. First reported by MTM, chunks became corrupted, many chunks did not render properly and various chunks disappeared or reverted to nature; in addition, procrastinator discovered that the host's control panel was inaccessible. This rendered the server unsuitable for usage and procrastinator therefore closed the server with '/stop' until the problem was resolved.

procrastinator submitted a ticket to the host requesting an ETA on when this issue would be resolved and was told he would be updated as the situation changes. On 7 May 2014, the host fixed its issues. However, the chunks were still corrupted and as a consequence, procrastinator had to restore to a backup from 28 April 2014, with the cost of some changes to the tunnel, Fegelein1906's mansion in Eragoth, and two houses in Padurea Craivii.