Toto Railway is an independent railway planned and constructed by kimilil.

The principal line of the railway, Rosanna Line, has construction on 11 November 2018 and completed on 20 November 2018, conneting Soweto Station and Fodania with several stations along the way.

Rosanna Line

The Rosanna Line is the principal line of the railway, connecting a string of NPC villages south of Soweto up to Sutton, where the line turns westward and terminate next to an existing rail station at Fodania.

Stations on this line:

Code Name Platform Remarks
Soweto Island Interchange with CS Outer Line and CNR Juusto Line
TR2 Paradise Falls Single
EL 9
Realgar Single Branch line to the desert temples

Interchange with Express Lily symbol Express Lily Line

TR4 Toto Single
TR5 Sutton Single
TR6 Fodania Island
TR7 Pyramid 1* Side
TR8 Snoopville Side Branch line to the Pyramid 2
TR9 Pyramid 4* Side Planned station
TR10 Pyramid 3* Side
MM 3
De Mono Side Interchange with Molster Monotrack symbol Molster Monotrack.
MM 2
Los Vipleros Cordis Planned station. Station layout to be finalized.
Interchange with Molster Monotrack symbol Molster Monotrack.
TR13 EL 10 Los Vipleros Espresso Planned station. Alignment to be finalized.
Interchange with Express Lily symbol Express Lily Line.
Branch stations
TR14 Romulus Pyramid* Branch line from Realgar
Planned station
TT15 Pompilius Pyramid* Branch terminus
Planned station
TR16 Pyramid 2* Branch line from Snoopville
Planned station

* Provisional name

History and planning

Toto Railway first draft scheme

Plan of Rosanna Line path, made by kimilil in October 2018.

Toto Line as-built

As-built render of the line as of January 2019.

The inception of the railway came when kimilil was looking at the server render and found a string of NPC vilages south of Soweto, and he immediately drew a plan to have a rail line connecting these villages. In addition, two desert pyramids were found shortly after and a branch line was added to the plan to connect them to the line. The last of the string of villages was east of Fodania, so the plan includes connecting the two, with the line terminating at the existing station of another, unnamed line at Fodania connecting it to Los Vipleros.

The working name of the railway in the plan was Toto Line, after a provisionally named NPC village of the same name in its alignment. After starting construction, kimilil decided to name the railway entity Toto instead, and name its principal line the Rosanna Line.

Despite being in an alignment that makes connection (and through services) with CNR Juusto Line plausible, the railway is not part of Canabai National Railways. This decision was made in consideration of the complexity of planned junctions of Juusto line at Soweto, which was supposed to branch into a depot and also to the Canabai Port.

kimilil plans to assume control, incorporate and render obsolete the existing LV-Fodania line. A new alignment has been plotted to better connect points of interest along the general area together. There was outstanding issue with regards to alignment in Los Vipleros, which require concensus with its mayor ParrotAntics.


Phase 1
  • 11 November 2018: Construction started outwards from Soweto Station.
  • Early 16 November 2018: The line reached Paradise Falls and the station completed.
  • 17 November 2018: Early in the day, line reached Realgar and station building mostly completed. Later, Toto is reached and the station built.
  • 18 November 2018: Sutton reached and station built. Railway logo chosen as enchanted golden sword with hilt oriented at top.
  • 19 November 2018: Final stretch to Fodania and new station built and finished with much input from NerdieSanders.
  • 21 November 2018: Official opening of Rosanna Line from Soweto to Fodania, attended by Prime Minister of Canabai and CEO of Toto Railway. Event was commemorated by The National Records.
Phase 2
  • 31 January 2019: Work started on the second phase, starting from Fodania towards Los Vipleros.
  • 2 February 2019: Mainline completed up to San Escobar's border.
  • 3 February 2019: Mainline advanced towards De Mono.



  • Toto (both the village and the railway) is named after the band that produced the well-known song Africa. On the same vein, Rosanna Line is named after another of their hit songs.
    • Additionally, the gag referencing Toto as a music band is present on every station, with "Toto Presents <station name>" signs at entrances and staff-only areas being referred to as "for Toto band members only".
    • The company CEO, Joseph Williams, is named after a current band member. It's logo being an upright sword is taken from the motif of the cover of the album Toto IV – the one with Toto's hit songs Africa and Rosanna.
    • kimilil has tried, yet unsucceeding, in adding a "Hold The Line" reference anywhere on the railway.
  • Paradise Falls is named after the place of the same name in Up, which in turn is based on Angel Falls in Venezuela.
  • In line with Fodania's Venician inspiration, Fodania's station is based off Venezia Mestre station, the last mainland station before the Venician terminal at Santa Lucia.
  • Unlike the modus operandi of RRC and SRA, kimilil prefers independent railways outside of the chunk border as opposed to a consolidated entity. This model was also the case for CNR's predecessor Southwest Railway, which is connected to, but independant from, the RTN.

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