Mabula Tower 1

The Tower, overlooking the ocean shore.

The Tower of Mabula is built by Molster in an extreme hills biome on top of a hill formation with an almost perfect square shape. It consisted of six floors (including the roof), and a Transylvanian flag flies on top reaching cloud level.

A dedicated minecart rail connects the Tower to Rail Transit Network's East Line via the station at mfaizsyahmi's temple. The ride offers a breathtaking climb up the mountain slope, and the station on the Tower's end is the highest in altitude on the whole server world.

Mabula Tower 2

The Tower against the sky backdrop. MTM's Teleportation Hub resembles the Moon.

The name Mabula is a reference to YouTuber-Unterganger MabusParodies and his Romanian nationality, thus allusions to Count Dracula in the name and the flag.


Mabula Tower 3

The scenic minecart track that links the Tower to the East Line.

  • Molster accidentally found the flat square surface on the hill formation while flying back to the City from the northern villages and immediately felt compelled to construct a mountain fortification of some sort that eventually became the Tower.
  • The Tower was constructed at a time when both Molster and procrastinator were hosting the server world separately during the recovery of the First Server Downtime. Molster was running a server in his own laptop and procrastinator just managed to get the server running in a VPS and later on in the same day, dedicated hosting. The Tower was originally constructed in Molster's, and because Molster's server was only running for tests, the region file where the Tower resided had to be transferred to procrastinator's.
  • A pink version of the tower was later built by Fegelein1906. It later evolved into an entire town.