Transport for Canabai (TfC) is a government body responsible for the public transport network in Canabai. TfC has the responsibility of oversee and maintaining public rail transits and roads management within Canabai, including certain segments of the Rail Transit Network and Port Random Transit, integrating different rail operators that was once independent in the country, and ensuring high quality control of the rail tracks. TfC is owned by the Republic of Canabai, and more specifically, its Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, headquartered in City of Canabai.


TfC was created on 21 September, 2018 formally by the Parliament of Canabai, and informally by NerdieSanders and Kimilil. Before the creation of the organization, all rail operators within Canabai were operating independently, and that there was a lack of integration between the operators. It was also made even more confusing that Canabai Transit System only operates in the capital city, while Canabai National Railways operates lines in between the two major cities. Kimilil suggested to create a "Canabai Transportation Board" that "manages and integrates the different operators [within Canabai]."


TfC is operated as an executive agency under the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure of Canabai. Major decisions are mostly made through the department and with approval from the Prime Minister, Trevor Tadlock.

The body is organized in three main operators, each with maintaining responsibilities in different areas and services of operation. The three operators in chronological order of creation are:


All services within the TfC are fare-controlled. Generally, the CTS and the LRT are cheaper than the CNR commuter rails. In theory, all of these operators share the same ticketing scheme with one traveling card.

Infrastructures and facilities

TfC manages the major train stations within Canabai. This includes:

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