The Treno Auditore Line (originally Forklich Main Line) is a railway starting from Eston Post all the way towards Tarrantia. The line was built by KrebsLovesFiesh in April 2018 to be a rail line that runs along the Lucek Memorial Line, but with fewer turns and stops. This line is suitable for people that are travelling from the first to the last stop because it only stops at the major interchange points along Lucek Memorial Line.

On June and July the line was adjusted to meet the existing stations of Lucek Memorial Line, which were concurrent to primitive stops made originally by KrebsLovesFiesh. August and September of 2018 the line was strongly refurbished by Ugultu and ParrotAntics in order to improve it's quality. Single track profile was changed to double track, and floating constructions of stone and redstone were replaced by proper viaducts and tunnels. Also the line was adjusted to be less dependent on ground profile, as 1:1 and 1:2 slopes were replaced by 1:3 variant.

On January 7th, 2019, the line was renamed.


RRC Treno-Lucek diagram

Diagram of the line (red), as for January 2019


Emblem Station Name Type of station Transfer lines Notes
TA 1 Eston International Terminus Eston Rocket, Orchid Express line, The Boatlev "Fegeline", Lucek Memorial Line, RT East
TA 2 Saint Piggersburg Interchange RT East Added during refurbishment
TA 3 Tagor Main Interchange Cougar Line, Lucek Memorial Line Line rerouted to serve the station building.
TA 4 Borutz Interchange Snow Leopard Line Added during refurbishment
TA 5 Tarrantia Terminus Lucek Memorial Line, Rail of Final Answer Line rerouted to serve the station building.


Station Name Type of station Transfer Lines Notes
F1 Eastern Observatory Terminus Replaced with Eston International.
F3 Ocean Monument Pass-through Removed during refurbishment of the line. Replaced by Borutz station.
F5 Dorklich LML Interchange Lucek Memorial Line, Far West Express Line Section to the station was cut off due to construction of Eastern Bloc Expressway complex between Dorklich and Sanostonburg Uptown.
F6 Rupflich Interchange Village Link Was to be rebuilt to serve a branch to Sanostonburg district called Sacramento. Demolished by Ugultu during construction of Sacramento - Dorklich railway viaduct on Shenanigan Ocean.
F7 Mesa Mt. Terminus none Station fell beyond the barrier set on X:12000.
OL-1 Dinnertime
Terminus Lucek Memorial Line, Ocean Line Rerouting of Far West Express Line and teardown of old terminal station


  • The current name of the line is related to Ezio Auditore da Firenze - a main playable character from Assassin's Creed II computer game.
  • The line used to go much further than Dorklich: to Mesa Mountains. But due to limit of travelling set by operators the station became unaccessible.
  • The line shares a record of the highest count of terminal station changes among all RRC lines, changing eastern terminal location 4 times (starting from Mesa Mt. to Rupflich, then to Dorklich LML, later to Dinnertime, ending in Tarrantia) and western terminal location once (from Eastern Observatory to Eston International) during it's lifetime.