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General Information
Minecraft Name Ugultu
Nickname(s) Ugu, Ugul, Fegultu, Sanos, Constantly annoyed Lord Farquaad, Constantly annoyed Doraemon
Nationality Turkish
Joined April 2018

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Ugultu joined the server in 23rd April of 2018. He was invited to the server by KrebsLovesFiesh and he joined the same day. He has discovered things himself. After that, he started many projects in the eastern part of the server. He is known for building tall and long things. Currently working on his city, Sanostonburg but oftenly getting distracted and helping other people or do something else. He is a moderator of the server since July 3rd, 2018. He holds the record of being a moderator the earliest time counted from joining date.


  • He is dedicated to his own projects, but not other projects.
  • He hates jungle wood, end stone, diorite and cobblestone.
  • He has big ambitions but usually couldn't carry them out because he is distracted by other tasks.
  • He is known for overusing ":o" emoji.
  • If chat is crowded, he will oftenly remain silent.
  • If chat is silent, he will shout random words and talk nonsense.
  • He likes flat buildings.
  • If he doesn't have a basis while building a structure, he will demolish and try it a few times. If he keeps failing, he will copy an already built structure by himself and modify it.
  • Has a chimney shop in Altholz.
  • He was known for commonly using Lord Farquaad/Markiplier E meme.
  • He is a fan of Doraemon.
  • His favorite building types are high rises and skyscrapers, although he is commonly building other types of structures.
Op Ugultu