The Unity Tower is a 36-storey tower built by Hans_Krebs in Athyras' Commercial District. The building is the first erected on Greater Athyras, and slightly resemble the One World Trade Center building.

Initial construction was done by Hans_Krebs and Fegelein1906. Much later on Molster helped with the elevator shaft and staircases.

Due to the emptiness of the tower the floors are now available for lease in order to help populate the interiors. This procedure common on real life skyscrapers is also being applied to other towers around the commercial district.

Tenants by floor

Ground to 8th Floors
Unity Tower Trust (presumed)
11th Floor
Dokkiri Mart Headquarters
30th Floor
Gokyr586's Penthouse
33th Floor
Tudor's Penthouse
34th Floor
Molster's Penthouse
35th Floor
AlphaSkyRaider's 'Bove The Clouds Restaurant