The Library (full name Unterganger City Public Library) is a building built in the expanding edge of the Unterganger City to the east. It wass built by Molster with help from MTM.

The library consists of two floors. The lower floor is mostly dedicated to library administration (e.g. publication room, librarian office) and other amenities (cafeteria) while most of the books are on the second floor.

The sections include:

  • Sciences (1F)
  • Technology (1F)
  • Children's Book (1F)
  • Literature (2F)
  • Arts (2F)
  • History (2F)
  • Leisure (2F)
  • Hitler Parody Wiki (2F)

There is a shelf in the Literature section dedicated to anyone who wishes to write books for the library. Currently one written work has been submitted by Molster. There are also plans to get Soalric's Der Disneygang fanfic transcribed into written books.