The Upgrade Downtime (chronologically the Seventh Server Downtime) was a downtime that from 21 September 2018 to 7 October 2018, as the server was upgraded from 1.12 to 1.13. Due to player backlash, the server was to be downgraded back to 1.12.2, but host problems caused the server to remain offline.

The Upgrade Downtime is arguably tied with the First Server Downtime as the longest downtime on the history of UMS to date, at 15 days (if the period of time when players with cracked launchers could not launch 1.13 is accounted for). Otherwise, the downtime lasted 14 days to some.


Friday, 21 September
Server owner NerdieSanders, who has been mulling upgrading the server to 1.13 for the past few days, did so unilaterally
This move was met with dissatisfaction by several players such as Gaker73 and Ugultu whose cracked launchers were unable to launch into 1.13
Saturday and Sunday
Only a handful of people made their way into the Update Aquatic UMS.
For most of Saturday kimilil and ParrotAntics were mostly concerned with the construction of the RT Random branch line towards Morioh Central.
Sunday saw Delphox  populating a lake in Morioh with 1.13 fish and other aquatic stuff, while kimilil and NerdieSanders tested the new map markers. kimilil later went to renovate the RT tracks from Craivii to FtLT.
Monday, 24 September
Server taken down as NerdieSanders decided to optimize the UMS world wholesale since loading 1.12 chunks would lag players as the server converts all block and item IDs internally (called The Flattening).
The unintended result of this is corrupted and regenerated chunks on several areas, that also tend to concentrate on player-built cities.
Frantic attempts to restore corrupted chunks from backups, as well as to make sure builds made the previous weekend weren't lost, were unsuccessful. a loss-loss situation
Server remains down for the day
Tuesday, 25 September
Decision was made to downgrade server back to 1.12.2, but weekend progress were irreversibly lost
Around this time it was discovered that the 1.12.2 server were not able to run due to config errors either on the config file or on the filesystem
Intermediary period
kimilil started posting a "Days of Downtime" carol on the 10th day of downtime based on "12 days of christmas" in the Discord. This continued, with permutating verses on several lines, up to the 14th day.
Thursday, 4 October
Reason for delay delivered by a tweet by POTUS himself: REMEMBER THE MIDTERMS!
Saturday, 6 October
RDP/Chapo commenced reinstallation of the server, NerdieSanders announced via Discord.
Sunday, 7 October
Server becomes functional again. NerdieSanders informs playerbase that server has been reverted back to 1.12.2, and RDP/Chapo makes a surprise appearance, calling the players "peasants"
NerdieSanders declares 7 October 2018 to be "UMS Day"