The was an event in the server's history, that represented the culmination of hostilities between two UMS players: tudor and Molster.


Around 2015 or 2016, Molster decided to make a Malay town named Taming Sari, intended to be a showcase of traditional Malay building styles. Initially, Tudor agreed with the idea, not knowing that Molster intended to build it directly south of Viktoria, where Tudor was eventually planning to expand the town. Due to lack of time, however, Tudor didn't manage to fully claim the area before Molster's first build on the site was completed, leading to a land dispute that cooled down quickly, but remained a small-scale bone of contention.

The road dispute

However, tensions flared up when Molster revealed that he planned to demolish Tudor's road connecting Viktoria and Negusville, and replace it with a dirt pathway to fit in with the town's atmosphere, leaving only parts of it intact. Tudor, who made most of the road, objected to this, as he saw the demolition of the the road he worked so hard on as an insult. Molster replied by saying that he had a stake too in the road (he made a bridge over a railway to improve access to Negusville), and that the road, being that it was a work of infrastructure, couldn't really be claimed by anyone. Altough the dispute mostly simmered over, the spirits did not, with tudor building a small marker of his displeasure on one side of the road, representing impaled heads, with one reserved for the fictional leader of the town.

The bomb plot

It is unknown when it happened, but at some point, when Tudor was around the road, he broke a piece for some reason, and instead of finding only ground, as he expected, he found a long row of redstone wires, TNT and repeaters, arranged in such a way under the road so as to demolish it in a single fell swoop. Accusing Molster immediately due to the aforementioned dispute, he proceeded, with some help, to dismantle the road bomb. Molster's credibility fell as a result, and after the persistent griefings of the Shel Zahav synagogue, he was permabanned.

Years later, in 2017, tudor was clearing up the impaled heads to make way for the development of Greater Viktoria, and he found something under the "reserved" stake: a furnace or a similar block, that, when destroyed, detonated a redstone device that blew the area under the stakes up. In the crater, tudor found a redstone wire and a repeater, that would've led to the first bomb under the road.