Washington's Pyramid is a pyramid built by Fegelein1906 on the server. The base of the pyramid is already finished, while there is still work that needs to be done on the pyramid wall and the pyramid also does not has any interior so far, aside from the throne in the centre of the pyramid.


DA Pyramid Inspiration
The pyramid is based on the New York Pyramid in the DLC of the videogame Assassin's Creed III, where George Washington is a tyrrant and builds a pyramid as a symbol of his empire in New York City. This is also where the name of Washington's Pyramid is derived from, George Washington.


Minecraft player Molster said the pyramid surpasses the Victor Building, as the largest build by area (83x72) while the pyramid having a surface of 116x116 blocks (excluding the walls/entrance of the pyramid). However, player Nerdington claimed that his stadium is larger than the pyramid with a size of 146x93 blocks.