Weston is an autonomous NPC village in Canabai. A savannah village, Weston is a transport hub, with the Weston station connecting Rail Transit Network's Templer Line, Canabai Transit System's Monorail and Little Saigon Line, and Canabai National Railways's Peridot Line. The village is also the junction of Highway 1 and 2 in the UMS Highway System. The person who wrote the last two sentences is thinking that Weston connects the most number of different rail companies.

The village was found by Molster in late-2014 and named after the western region it can be found in.

Sometime in November 2015, NerdieSanders annexed Weston to City of Canabai as a separate district, and was given autonomous rule, having an assembly of its own.

For a very long time the town is inexplicably linked to the hill on its western edge with a Japanese style gate and a path leading to the hilltop. This was finally unveiled in August 2018 when Koyama Shrine is built on the hill.

Weston is poised for growth. Its desert fringe to its west has been earmarked for a CNR Institute, and a few institutional buildings (e.g. police station, post office) and some mid-density housing is planned on the north side of town. To this end farming lots within town vicinity have been relocated south-southwestwards near Soalric Pyramid to allow some infill development.