"Wholesome Cove – The place where you feel optimistic and happy!"
―Welcome signs
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Wholesome Cove

Wholesome Cove is a town originally built by AlphaSkyRaider, with help from Tudor and Nerdington. It was originally called No Hope Cove as an extremely depressing-themed town.


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No Hope Cove

During an episode of Alpha's depression in early March, 2017, he built mostly dark colored houses, east of Old Newport and south of Morioh. During the construction of these houses, Alpha also added corpses, skulls, and bloodstains, along with suicidal and depressing messages on signs. Tudor then later also built a dark church. Del nicknamed the town Edgyville.

In late-March, 2017, after getting suicidal vibes from the town, NerdieSanders decided to wholesomize the town (with Alpha's permission) by giving it more variety, brighter colors, and more hopeful messages with happy and alive "people". He also added a dog park with a person noticing the doggos.


  • After a long while, Nerdie returned to the town for a nostalgia trip. When he pressed the button at the dog park, he started to break down and cry. The message was "Oh man, those doggos are cute!"
  • The church and the graveyard are the only structure surviving the wholesomizing campaign.