Winterholme Keep
The majestic walls of Winterholme.
General Information
Completed on exterior finished on 22/9/2012;

interior still WIP

Inspired by Castles
Architecture Medieval
Coordinates 1226 102 -423
Location Northern region
Built by Tudor
 Winterholme Keep is a building in the Unterganger Minecraft Server, located in the Northern Region, constructed by tudor.

Inspiration and construction

Tudor was intrigued by the many images of castles built on mountaintops he had seen over the time, and eventually decided to build one in the UMS himself. He found a nice location in the North Region, occupiyng almost a whole mountaintop (the other part remaining untouched).

Construction was began by first raising the walls, then building the first floor of the building around the mountaintop, with relatively few flattening required. Then, a tunnel was built, connecting it to the lowlands by a path carved in the mountain. After that, the second floor was built, intended to serve as Tudor's apartments within the great castle.

The building of the keep was carried out in utmost secrecy, not daring to tell anyone about the project. On Sunday, 20 September, tudor decided to show it to a select group of people, all of them being impressed by the sheer size of the project.

It features an antechamber, a great hall, with a great cross-shaped table, a storage room with an adjacent wine cellar, a kitchen, a throne room, (referred to as the Hundredmen Hall), a small chapel complete with sacristy and priest's quarters on the first floor, an inner courtyard, and a second floor, originally intended to be occupied wholly by Tudor's apartments, but a part of it is reserved to Molster, given as a "gesture of goodwill" in his own words.

It also has accessible walls, touring all around the building, with staircases that allow for accessing both lower levels (if possible) and the walls' top, with the walls' top having an excellent view.


  • The keep has, for some reason, Scottish banners around the walls, and on its insides, leading for it to be mistaken as a "Scottish bunker" by Fegelein1906. Tudor's given reason for hanging them was "Well, I just liked the design."
  • This used to be the second-largest building by area that tudor built, until the Athyras Central Station was finished a few months later. Its spot may degrade once his other grand-scale projects are finished.